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Technology of gun dribling

Gun drilling is technology makes possible drilling of holes on avarange from 1 mm till 50 mm. Drill depth depands on avarange drill hole and type of drilling material e.g. drill hole at avarange10 mm in steel – no problem to drill to depth more than 2.000 mm. Meeting technological processit is possible keep this hole avarange tolerance H8 and axial innacuracy of hole is max. 10mm.Maximal depth of gun drilling is in 6.000 mm. Drillinig is done by gun drill, which is specialOne blade machine with hard-metal blade and shank with cavity for inflow cooling systém(oil smog). Drill is with turns off insert to pre-drill hole of depth cca 40 mm,turns run and movementand drill without break to required depth. After archive required depth – turns are switch offand drill is disconnected.


Advantages of gun drilling

Main advantage of gun drilling technology is simplicity and universality of this technology.Gun drilling in using of our produced technology it is possible to put all obtainable machinery with enough range of movement (horizontál drills, crossbar drills, CNC cutter,pillar and radial drill, turning machine etc.)Drilling is done by machinery movement and uninterruped cut, save machinery time , equipment and machinery service versus classical HSS drill.The real reduction of machinery time with using technology of gun drilling is from 80 – 90 %. Very important advantage of technology is certainly of process. If drill will be damaged, it will be on the place of fix hard-metal blade to tool shank fo drill. Reparation is very easy. Due to help of long steel stick demolish the lack of blade, which was in the hole drill, insufflate it by compressed air, put on new gun drill and continue. Prices of gun drill are much more košer then prices of HSS drills.


Disadvantages of gun drill

Disadvantages of gun drill is work produktivity. This disadvanatages is evident when we use drills with smaller depth – 20D. Anyway, gun drilling technology haven´t competition!


What is needed for gun drilling

1.    gun drill with right avarage and length
2.    clamp for central cooling
3.    machine VM1